Choosing a REALTOR isn’t always an easy decision, but there are many reasons to consider hiring a team of REALTORS over an individual agent.

A Single Agent…

  • can only take one phone call at a time.
  • can only be in one location at a time.
  • includes a single sphere of influence.
  • lead generation time for locating qualified buyers is limited.
  • can get bogged down with multiple transactions and customer service can suffer.

A Real Estate Team…

  • has a team of agents consistently generating leads specifically to find qualified buyers for your home.
  • has agents and administrative staff that work in harmony for the benefit of the client.
  • costs the same amount as a single agent and you get more professionals working for you.
  • includes multiple spheres of influence to spread the word about your home.
  • can easily handle numerous transactions.
  • benefits from the combined experience of agents and administrative staff.
  • can execute a complex marketing strategy by leveraging team resources.
  • can be in several physical locations at once as necessary to help the client.
  • can handle and correctly route multiple inquiries.

With a combined experience of 29 years, Cindy Belland, Lexi Belland Perez and Kiley Belland Wolfe understand that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest decisions of a client’s life. Representing and guiding their clients through the process is a true privilege.  This mother-daughter trio would value the opportunity to represent you!

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The Belland Team

The Belland Team

Meet The Belland Team! This mother-daughter agency would value the opportunity to represent you!

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